01 Project – Node.js / Express / MongoDB – Part 01 – Introduction

In this project we are going to create a complete data-driven website that will cover almost every aspect of a typical web-development project.

We are going to use the following technologies:

  • Express – Node.js framework
  • MongoDB – Database
  • Terminal command in Linux – To set up our working environment for example
  • Handlebar – Template engine to serve web pages
  • Bootstrap – for a professional and responsive design
  • RESTful API – in order to allow other people to interact with your application
  • All the code will be tested using different tools
  • WE will deploy our website on the Internet using Heroku and Amazon Web Services (AWS)

The web application we are going to build is a social image-sharing site. It is going to have the following features:

  • Visitors will be able to upload images and browse the uploaded pictures.
  • Each picture will have its own page with title, description, and a large image display.
  • Visitors can like a picture and post comments.

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