eMath – JavaScript project

eMath automatically generates math exercises (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division). It is built with HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and JavaScript.

Live | GitHub

Dashboard – JavaScript project

Data Visualization project that generates animated and interactive graphs. The graphs are generated by JavaScript with MongoDB and Flask in back-end.

Live v1.0 or Live v2.0 | GitHub

Resume – Bootstrap 4 project

This is my personal resume single page website. It makes use heavily of Bootstrap 4.

Live | GitHub

Ecommerce – Python project

Fully functional e-commerce application written in Python. It uses Django framework and it stores data in a PostgreSQL database.

LiveĀ  | GitHub

Phonebook – Python project

This is a Phone book application written in Python and Tkinter. The information is saved into an external file called output.txt. It works with Python 3.X!


Text Editor – Python project

Simple Text Editor application written in Python with a GUI made with Tkinter. It can open, edit, and save text files. It works with Python 2.X!


Calculator – Python project

Simple Calculator app written in Python and Tkinter. It does basic mathematical operations and it is the first complete application I have written in Python.