Event handlers list

Below is a list of the most common events, their event handlers, and what actions might trigger each event.

EventEvent HandlerEvent Trigger
AbortonabortAn image is stopped from loading before loading has completed.
BluronblurViewer removes focus from an element.
ChangeonchangeViewer changes the content of a form element.
ClickonclickViewer clicks on element.
ContextMenuoncontextmenuViewer opens the context menu.
CopyoncopyViewer uses the copy command.
CutoncutViewer uses the cut command.
DblclickondblclickViewer double-clicks the mouse.
ErroronerrorThe browser gets a JavaScript error.
FocusonfocusViewer gives focus on an element.
KeydownonkeydownViewer presses down a key on the keyboard.
KeypressonkeypressViewer presses a key on the keyboard and releases or holds down the key.
KeyuponkeyupViewer releases a key on the keyboard.
LoadonloadWeb page finishes loading.
MousedownonmousedownViewer presses the mouse button.
MousemoveonmousemoveViewer moves the mouse.
MouseoutonmouseoutViewer moves the mouse away from an element.
MouseoveronmouseoverViewer moves the mouse over an element.
MouseuponmouseupViewer releases the mouse button.
PasteonpasteViewer uses the past command.
ResetonresetViewer resets a form.
ResizeonresizeA window is resized.
ScrollonscrollViewer scrolls a scrollable area.
SelectonselectUser makes a selection.
SubmitonsubmitViewer submits a form.
UnloadonunloadViewer leaves the curent page.

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