Building an e-Commerce website with Node – Part 03 – Getting started with HTTP

HTTP is a protocol for every web application. It has six common methods that almost every web application has.

Four methods of HTTP stand out since they are commonly used. These are: get, post, put, and delete.

get means retrieving data from the server.
post means sending data to the server.
put means updating data from the server.
delete means deleting data from the server.

Very often you will see on this website (and in the sample codes) the word route which is URL, a web address.

I am pretty sure you have heard the words API or REST. API means Application Programming Interface and REST means Representational State Transfer. They too refer to URLs. You can read more about API and REST on their wikipedia pages.

So, you are going to write in your code the following: URLs, database operations, and front-end code.

URLs are Node.js and express.js.
Database operations are mongoDB and mongoose (it is a library).
Front-end code is HTML, CSS, and Jquery.

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