Building an e-Commerce website with Node – Part 01 – Everything you need to get started

We are going to build an e-Commerce website with Node.js and of course we are going to use some of the JavaScript’s libraries and other web technologies as well. This is going to be a fully functional e-Commerce website with authentication system, product page, add products, search functionality, a functional cart, a payment system, database etc. For all these we are going to use different technologies and services which are explained at the right moment.

To get started, we need a few things:

Good understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
Good understanding of command line using a terminal

Node.js (a JavaScript runtime)
Express.js (a web framework for Node.js)
EJS (a client-side templating language)
MongoDB (a no SQL document base database)
Elastic Search (an open-source search library)
Jquery (we will be using it for handling search and other document object manipulation)
Stripe (a commerce toolkit to handle the payments)

Atom (or any other text editor)
Git (saves the states of your web application) + GitHub (to store your code repository)
Terminal (it comes with you operating system) accont (a cloud database for mongoDB)

If you don’t know what all these are, then you can visit their websites to learn more.

Personally, I use Linux as my operating system but the process of building this web application is the same on any other operating system.

You need to create a folder for this project. I created one on my desktop and I named it “MyEshop”. All the files of the website will be stored in this folder.

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